Summer tree safety

Friday 27 July 2018

You may have noticed that Milton Keynes’ ‘green’ spaces are looking more yellow and dry at the moment. Although many of us have been enjoying the good weather – making sure to stay in the shade, drinking plenty of water and wearing sun cream of course – it hasn’t been so great for the city’s natural landscape.

It is known that in rare circumstances, drought may seriously affect larger trees. These adverse effects may, in extraordinary circumstances, include the sudden dropping of large branches from trees without prior warning (known as Summer Branch Drop). But, it is important to understand that these circumstances are very rare and entirely unpredictable.

We recommend that during the drought conditions, residents be aware of where they park or picnic. It may be that tree branches are shed more readily following a period of rain.

Due to the difficulties in prediction and rarity of these occurrences, the management of trees within the Borough of Milton Keynes will not be changed.

Please report any issues to either the Parks Trust or Milton Keynes council through their contact centres:

The Parks Trust - Email:  Telephone: +44 (0) 1908 233600

Milton Keynes Council -  Telephone 01908 252592