Council cracks down on illegal advertising on the highway.

Friday 16 November 2018

Signs and banners placed on railings, lamp posts or any other Council-owned property will be removed as part of a borough-wide crackdown on illegal advertisers. 


Since 2017 the Council has already removed nearly 600 illegal signs from the road network but more are added every month.


Any signage placed on the highway without the permission of the Council will be removed and disposed of. We may also prosecute advertisers under Section 132 of the Highways Act 1980.


Illegal advertising is a criminal offence punishable with fines up to £2,500 per advert with a further £250 per day per offence if not removed.


From Monday 3 December 2018 we will be removing and disposing of any banners or other signage placed illegally on our highway infrastructure.


Advertising banners and signage placed near the road without proper permission is a safety risk to motorists and pedestrians as it purposefully distracts the attention of the driver. Signage can become loose and blown into the road causing a risk to vehicles and pedestrians.


Advertisers who put their advertising on roundabouts, barriers and other infrastructure are putting themselves and their staff at danger as well as road users.


The fixings can damage the infrastructure they are attaching their signage to which causes additional repairs costs to the Council.


By removing these illegal signs we will be helping our city to look more attractive, make our road network safer and ensure that the businesses who do play by the rules do not feel short changed.


The Council’s highways team will also be removing any broken or defunct signage as part of a wider declutter programme for the road network.


If anyone notices any illegal signage or fly-posting (posters or stickers put up without permission on Council property) then they can report it directly to us by email: or send us a picture and location on our social media channels,

Facebook: mkcouncil1

Twitter: mkcouncil


Fly-posting is also a criminal offence.