Wheels in motion for city wide smart ticketing

Thursday 11 April 2019


Smart Ticketing

The introduction of fast contactless payments on Milton Keynes bus services has been given the green light, with the potential to roll out smart ticketing across all transport methods.

Approval has been given for MK Council to enter into a framework agreement with Transport for West Midlands to implement smart ticketing on bus services throughout the city.  The new system will enable passengers in MK to use any bus service using a bank card, mobile phone or dedicated smart card for those without contactless bank cards – similar to London’s Oyster Card.

Smart ticketing will speed up the boarding process for customers and remove concerns about having the right change.  Customers will still be able to pay by cash.

The Council has also bid for funding which would enable it to provide retail services for smart cards and extend smart ticketing benefits to all transport modes including rail, hiring a taxi, unlocking shared bikes and paying for parking.

A smart ticketing approach has a number of benefits, including:

•           Speeding up the boarding process

•           Better data on travel patterns and customer needs

•           Overcoming travel barriers with customers not needing to have the correct change

Head of Transport at Milton Keynes Council, Steve Hayes said: “This is an exciting initiative that will benefit all bus users in Milton Keynes.  It will reduce the time spent waiting to get onto the bus and means passengers don’t need to worry about having the right change.

“Smart ticketing is something we want to roll to other transport methods and look forward to working with partners in providing a better service for customers.”