Council opens somewhere safe to stay for rough sleepers

Monday 18 November 2019


Milton Keynes Council has opened a ‘Somewhere Safe to Stay Hub’ (SSTS) to provide shelter for rough sleepers and support those at risk of becoming homeless.

Located on Drayton Road in Bletchley, the Hub will give those in need access to a place where they can get warm, have food, a hot drink and a shower. This new facility will be open 24/7 to ensure people in MK are not faced with a night on the streets.

During the day, the Hub will be used to carry out assessments and hold meetings to provide support to those who need it most. The primary target includes people already engaged through the Council’s outreach partners and those at risk of becoming homeless.

Those referred will be able to stay for a short period of time while support staff work with them to develop personal housing plans to prevent rough sleeping.  This includes help and support into permanent accommodation.

The introduction of the Hub is part of a joint initiative with SMART, the outreach service which is commissioned by the council to help rough sleepers.

Director of Housing and Regeneration at Milton Keynes Council, Michael Kelleher said: “We’re committed to ending rough sleeping and I’m pleased that we’ve been able to bring this service to MK. It’s really important that we support the No First Night Out Approach if we are to achieve our commitments on rough sleeping and homelessness.

“I’d like to thank colleagues and partners for their work in bringing the Somewhere Safe to Stay Hub to MK.”