Way to go in and around MK

Friday 1 November 2019

Redway Routes


You might have spotted during your travels new wayfinding signs popping up across key locations in Redways in the city.

This is all part of a MK Council initiative, ‘The Redway Super Routes’ to improve and use innovative ways of serving local people.

The city has over 200 miles of cycling and walking routes - and the Council is encouraging residents to use the Redway network more for commuting and cycling across the city.

Part of the project has already seen new lighting being installed at the H6 and V8 underpasses. The locations along the H6 route are: Westcroft, Shenley Brook End, Knowlhill, Winterhill, Oldbrook, Willen Lake, Fox Milne and Atterbury

Other improvements planned include:

  • Improved lighting in underpasses
  • SMART technology devices to monitor usage and provide data to make further improvements
  • Improving the quality of the surface
  • Improving visibility by clearing vegetation at junctions
  • New messaging signs providing information to cyclists

Cllr Martin Gowans, Cabinet Member for Transport said of the Redway Super Routes programme, “We are investing in our Redway network as we know people have raised issues to improve them.”

“We want more people to use our Redways and promote sustainable alternatives of getting around the city and this aligns with our commitment for MK to be the greenest city and carbon neutral by 2030.”