Statement on sandbags

Thursday 24 December 2020

Following the recent heavy rainfall affecting a number of locations across North MK, our Highways team with service provider, Ringway worked through the night to supply sandbags to residents to help protect them from flooding. Over the last few hours we have distributed over 1,000 sandbags to properties at severe risk of flooding.

This means that our stocks of sandbags are now significantly reduced and we are working hard to replenish them in case of emergencies. Please note that our priority is to protect the public and not private property. You should take steps to protect your home from flooding if you are in a risk area including keeping a supply of sandbags available. Most DIY stores will stock them or you can use bags of soil too.

Please do not contact us for sandbags UNLESS your property is at severe risk of flooding, with rising water levels.  

The emergency services do not issue sandbags, so please do not contact them.

Sandbags will help to keep water out for a short period of time but will not prevent flooding if the water levels rise further. If a property is already flooded then sandbags will not help as the water will be coming through the floor.

We are continuing to monitor the weather forecast, and river levels with the Environment Agency, and no further high rainfall is predicted. River levels should now begin to lower after they peaked earlier today. This will take time as the ground remains saturated.

A weather alert has also been issued for high winds across the south east region as Storm Bella reaches the UK, so take extra care this Christmas weekend.