Council sets out blueprint for Shenley Wood development

Thursday 2 July 2020


MK Council has set out a blueprint for the development of a site at Shenley Wood with the potential to create hundreds of jobs.

The site located to the east of Shenley Wood has been earmarked for employment use, which could be home to small and medium sized businesses and includes space for industrial use.

Following a public consultation earlier this year, the Council has produced a development brief to ensure any future planning application reflects local views and upholds high quality design requirements. A council decision on the development brief is set for next week.

The document will ensure that the proposals meet the Council’s ambitions for the area and complement the existing surroundings.  If approved, developers will be invited to share proposals on how they can deliver on the Council’s vision for the site.

Key elements of the development brief include:

  • Building materials of good quality, ensuring high energy efficiency standards
  • Green walls and roofs to add character to buildings
  • Natural features to encourage wildlife movement

Cabinet member with responsibility for Planning, Councillor Jenny Wilson-Marklew said: “This document will ensure that our ambitions for the site are met and any future development reflects local views. As we work to restore business confidence in response to Covid-19, I’m pleased that we’re bringing this site forward at this time which could create hundreds of jobs in MK.”

The development brief can be viewed here.