Help us water new trees in your street

Monday 13 July 2020


MK Council is asking local people to help water newly planted trees to help them thrive.

Trees will naturally die from old age and each year the council plants new trees across MK. This year alone we’ve planted 60 in 4 areas; Crownhill, Olney, Kents Hill and Old Park Farm. There are approximately 22m trees and shrubs across the borough of Milton Keynes.

In the first three years, newly planted trees need tender loving care to help them get established, which includes being well watered.

Council teams water all new trees regularly, but we’re also asking for help from local residents – especially in hot weather.

If you see a new tree where you live, here’s how you can help:

  • If a newly planted tree is supported by a stake, please give it a good drink of water once or twice a week.
  • A newly planted tree needs around 8‐10 litres of water. Only carry water that you can manage.
  • Any water is fine to use, including rainwater, straight from the tap or even used dishwater. Make sure there’s nothing stronger than washing up liquid in the mix. Give any bottles a good rinse before using them.
  • Share your efforts with us and post pictures of the trees you ‘adopt’ on Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to tag us so we can share them. Use the hashtag #mktrees

The council asks residents to take care when watering roadside trees, and not to put themselves at any personal risk.

Cllr Emily Darlington, Cabinet Member for the Public Realm said: “We know local people love MK’s trees and green spaces, and this is a simple way to get involved in taking care of where we live. 

Cllr Lauren Townsend, Cabinet Member for Climate and Sustainability added,” As part of our ambition to be the greenest city we’re looking at creating new green infrastructure that provides clean air and homes for birds and creatures. More trees will help to combat climate change for future generations to come.”

More information can be found on the website.