13,000 potholes fixed with £1.7m investment from council: one every nine minutes!

Thursday 12 March 2020

Milton Keynes Council predicted it would fix 7,000 potholes over the last year, but a combination of freezing temperatures last winter and a decision to fix shallower holes almost doubled the number of road repairs made to 13,000. 

That’s a pothole fixed on average every nine minutes of the working day. 

In late 2018 the council announced three new pothole-defeating points to keep MK roads in better shape:

  • Changing the depth that potholes need to reach to be investigated for repair from 50mm to 40mm
  • If the team is out making a repair, they’ll also fix all nearby potholes regardless of depth
  • Repairing potholes wider than 300mm

Milton Keynes Council spent £1.7m tackling the potholes, £750,000 more than expected.  

While the extra highways spend has been partly offset by a programme to fit energy efficient streetlights, the council has had to boost its pothole budget and make other savings elsewhere.

Council Leader Cllr Pete Marland said:  “Fixing potholes is a round the clock priority for us.  Heavy rain, cold temperatures and heatwaves all contribute to potholes forming.  We make sure potholes are repaired properly the first time around to avoid costly revisits, but it’s an ongoing battle.

“It’s an investment we think is important, which is why we’re adding extra money to MK’s road repair budget this year.”

Pothole graphic
Pothole graphic