Coronavirus ‘detox’ advert removed after MKC Trading Standards investigation

Monday 30 March 2020


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An online advert for an antiviral medicine falsely claiming to tackle the outbreak of Coronavirus has been taken down after an investigation by Trading Standards Officers at MK Council.

The advert for the medicine appeared on the website of a local health and beauty spa and claimed to be an ‘official coronavirus lung detox’.

Trading Standards Officers at MK Council acted swiftly to get the online advertisement removed.

“There is no evidence to back up any of the advertisement’s claims,” said Sue Crawley, Trading Standards Manager at MKC.

“We are taking action against any form of false advertising, especially during what is currently a worrying and difficult period.”

Officers at MKC are also investigating a number of scam campaigns, and are encouraging people to be extra vigilant during this period.

Visit the national Trading Standards website for the latest advice to protect yourself, and if you’d like further support from Trading Standards Officers at MK Council, please email