Funding gained to unlock new homes and jobs

Wednesday 11 March 2020

Milton Keynes has been successful in bidding for £95 million to invest in new infrastructure that would make it feasible to build thousands of new homes on a site east of the M1, as set out in the council’s local plan, Plan:MK.

The funding will cover:

  • A new community health hub and primary school
  • A new bridge across the M1
  • New roads and highways

The Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF) funding package was announced in today’s Budget.

This is an essential step for 5,000 new homes to be built in Milton Keynes on a site east of the M1 and within the emerging Cambridge – MK – Oxford growth corridor where homes as well as new high tech jobs are anticipated.

The area, called the Milton Keynes East Sustainable Urban Extension area is referenced in Plan:MK, the borough’s development strategy which outlines how MK will grow in the coming years to meet population growth. 

The budget did not include any further progress on the council’s housing deal or long term funding for infrastructure.

Council Leader, Pete Marland said: “Winning this funding is a product of having a proper vision and planning for growth. The reality is that this new housing will happen anyway, but our long-term outlook means to are able to plan our infrastructure properly.”

“Milton Keynes is a growing place but we only want that to happen with the right facilities and infrastructure in place, such as schools and health facilities, to make sure we remain an attractive place to live with opportunities for all.”

“I would prefer a much more secure and long term solution to funding growth.  That is why we have pushed for a housing deal and the return of the MK Tariff, however we have no update on that in the budget.”