MK Council unveils plans to tackle climate change

Monday 2 March 2020


A new Energy and Carbon Hub, more energy efficient buildings, and new country parks and green spaces could help Milton Keynes Council become carbon neutral by 2030 and carbon negative by 2050 to tackle climate change.

MK Council and a Task and Finish Group worked with green experts last year through a series of workshops and public meetings to help come up with solutions to tackle climate change and increase biodiversity across the borough.

Cabinet will receive recommendations from these sessions and top level plans on proposed low carbon energy and other green initiatives on 10 March.

The Council’s Sustainability Strategy and Biodiversity Action Plan looks to how MK will become a world-leading sustainable city.

Ideas include: 

A proposed Energy and Carbon Hub, bringing projects together that would create low carbon energy for use by local people and businesses, as well as building the infrastructure for greener transport. 

  • The creation of new country parks in the east and west of MK, as well as more green spaces for leisure and active travel.  Living roofs at bus stops and buildings would provide a home for bees, bugs and butterflies.
  • A commitment to plant two trees for every dangerous and diseased cut down
  • The Council itself using more renewable energy (building on existing work including solar panels on the roof of the Civic offices)
  • A zero-carbon development programme for all schools and council buildings
  • Ensuring developers design friendly environments to encourage biodiversity and wildlife in new communities.
  • Green job creation and skills training.

Everyone across MK including business, schools and residents are asked to take a role on helping tackling climate change.

Councillor Jenny Marklew, Cabinet Member for Climate Action and Sustainability said, “It is our long term vision to create a world leading sustainable city, which embraces innovation, creates high quality jobs and recognises it has a role in tackling the global challenges of climate change.”

“We will demonstrate leadership in response to the climate emergency and will work towards carbon neutrality by 2030, while creating one of the world’s most truly sustainable economies to create a more prosperous city for all our people and future generations.”

Councillor Emily Darlington, Cabinet Member for the Public Realm said, “This action plan sets out how we will keep 40% of our infrastructure as green as we grow. In fact, we will enhance it further with more trees, wildflowers and safe habitats making MK a great place for bee, bugs and butterflies to thrive.”

“Our parks, woodland, grid road corridors, wildlife and lakes are an essential part of what makes MK. Being the greenest city is an essential part to tackle climate change and it brings mental and physical health benefits to all our residents.”

Once actions are agreed, a strategy will be developed where the Council works with partners and landowners across MK before an updated plan is presented later this year.