Update: Independent Review into Blakelands Planning Application

Tuesday 12 May 2020

Last year Milton Keynes Council commissioned an independent review of a planning decision for a warehouse in Blakelands.

Independent consultant Marc Dorfman is undertaking the review, and on completion a report will be made public and received by the Council’s Audit Committee.  

In January, the Council learned from Mr Dorfman that the report, originally planned for October and rescheduled to the Audit Committee’s meeting in February, would be further delayed.  The Committee was informed and the meeting postponed.

Since then, the Council has asked for assurances and a timeframe from Mr Dorfman for when the report will be finalised. The expectation is that it will be complete by early June.  

Once a formal date is finally confirmed, a special meeting of the Audit Committee will be arranged as quickly as it can be, ensuring proper notice for all interested parties to read and consider the report.

The Council completely understands that this report’s delay has caused concern and frustration, and it is most regrettable.  Although the Council must rightly remain at arm’s length to any independent review, this extended timeframe was not what was anticipated when the review was commissioned, and we have made that clear to Mr Dorfman.

At no point has a draft report or extracts been shared with Council management or councillors. As soon as a date for receipt is confirmed, interested parties will be advised.