Tighter rules over new homes in Central MK

Monday 2 November 2020

MK Council plans to introduce new rules to improve the quality of homes built by developers in Central Milton Keynes by scrapping a right that allows offices to be turned into flats without planning permission.

The council is proposing to withdraw the automatic right that allows former office buildings to be converted into residential properties. If approved, from July 2021 developers wishing to turn offices into flats in MK’s Central Business District would need to obtain full planning permission from MK Council.

Removal of the permitted development rights would help ensure that new homes in MK are built to high quality, are affordable and uphold decent space standards.

A formal council decision is expected to be made on 10 November.

Leader of MK Council, Cllr Pete Marland said: “We want good quality and affordable housing being built in MK. By scrapping permitted development rights in CMK, we’ll put an end to important rules around space standards being dodged. Currently it’s too easy to provide no affordable housing or funding for infrastructure. It leads to poor schemes and it’s only right that these proposals go through the planning system and local people are consulted.”

The Central Business District covers the area between V7 Saxon Street, H6 Childs Way, the West Coast Mainline and H5 Portway.