Council funds new pilot to prevent homelessness

Tuesday 6 October 2020

MK Council and Citizens Advice Milton Keynes (CAMK) have launched a new service to support people at risk of becoming homeless.

MKC is funding the year-long pilot to provide free, impartial and confidential advice to help prevent anyone having to spend a night out on the street in Milton Keynes. The Council and CAMK will work in partnership to promote the new service to ensure local people have access to the help they need, ranging from housing options to debt management advice.

CAMK colleagues will provide a telephone service and advice via video link to support people who are at risk of becoming homeless. The new service will provide people with a safe space to talk about their situation while colleagues support them in finding a long-term solution.  Each case will be assessed independently, and bespoke support will be provided on a case by case basis.

Cabinet member with responsibility for tacking homelessness, Councillor Hannah O’Neill said: “The economic impact of Covid-19 will no doubt affect our poorest and most vulnerable residents the most. It’s important that we’re taking a proactive approach in ensuring that we can support people at the earliest possible opportunity to prevent them facing a night on the street. I strongly encourage anyone who has concerns about the possibility of becoming homeless to get in touch with the service as soon as possible.”

CAMK’s Director, Ben Thomas, said: ‘’We’ve seen record numbers of people phoning and emailing our service since the pandemic began. There are many people who face real hardship as a result of Covid-19 as well as those who are already vulnerable and who would have been struggling anyway had the outbreak not happened. Whatever the reason, the earlier they contact us the greater the chance that we can prevent them from falling into serious financial difficulties that put homes and families at risk.’’  

Anyone concerned about the possibility of becoming homeless should contact the new service on 0808 278 7991 or visit