Milton Keynes Council welcomes £2m of culture recovery funding

Wednesday 14 October 2020


Cllr Carole Baume, Cabinet Member for Culture said:

“I am absolutely delighted that ten Milton Keynes cultural institutions are receiving just over £2.1 million in Arts Council funding to help them with the challenge of Covid-19. This funding is a lifeline. It will help protect jobs and ensure the survival of cultural organisations which mean so much to local people. However, dealing with the impact of the pandemic will be a long battle where every penny will be essential, and I do hope we see more support like this in the future.

Cllr Carole Baume
Cllr Baume

“As a Council we’ve already shared more than £315,000 of funding with the local cultural sector since the start of the pandemic. In addition, every year we support arts and heritage organisations through a grant aid programme worth £250,000 and make annual grant payments to flagship organisations such as the MK Gallery.

“We’re also aware that some applicants weren’t successful in their bids for this funding and we shall explore ways of giving them additional support locally.”


Applications to date: 

MK Museum £100,000

MK Gallery £250,000

Bletchley Park £447,000

Motus Dance £50,000

National Museum of Computing £60,884

The Craufurd Arms £75,000

Junior Filmmakers £55,000

The Stables £847,000

La Wayaka Current £55,000