Investigation into glass panel fall at Council building

Thursday 11 November 2021


Milton Keynes Council has initiated a Health and Safety investigation following a serious incident at its Civic offices on Saxon Gate East.

A 2.4m wide glass panel shattered and fell from a balcony on the building’s second floor on Thursday 4 November.  The exterior of the building has since been fenced off to make the area safe for pedestrians and to enable a thorough inspection of the Civic’s 242 glass panels, which have been in place since the building first opened in 1974.

An independent structural engineer visited last week for a preliminary assessment and will provide support to the Council’s Health and Safety team.

Milton Keynes Council’s Head of Health and Safety, Alison Cook said: “Fortunately no one was injured.  We’re taking this potentially dangerous situation very seriously.  We secured the site for the safety of people in the area and began a thorough assessment of the remaining glass panels.  Once that’s been completed in the coming weeks we should be in a better position to understand what caused this to happen and what steps are needed to stop it happening again.”