Commercial Tenant's Handbook

A guide for tenants who lease commercial premises from Milton Keynes Council

Covid-19 – Information for commercial property tenants

The UK Government has announced a new national lockdown effective 5 January 2021.  This mean you must not leave your home other than for permitted reasons as set out in law.  Some business are also required to close during this period.  If you are a business which is permitted to remain open, you must ensure your premises are Covid secure.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been doing as much as we can to help our commercial tenants.

If you have been directed to close during the current lockdown, we will offer you a payment holiday until you are permitted to re-open.  This means you will not need to pay your rent over this period but you will be expected to re-pay the rent due over a period agreed with the Council by way of a payment plan.  If you remain trading but your trade is suffering as a result of the lockdown, we will consider your individual circumstances and may offer you a payment plan to spread your rent payments out over a longer period. Please make contact with the team and we will do what we can to assist you – please don’t ignore your bills or cancel your Direct Debit without speaking to us first.

The Government has published information on COVID-19 support for businesses. These pages are updated regularly and provide details of all financial and other help available to business.

Milton Keynes Council is working with local and national NHS and public health partners to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in Milton Keynes.  We’re doing everything we can to protect local people and keep essential services running. You can keep up to date with information and advice on our website and look out for further information on Twitter and Facebook.

The Council have produced a Commercial Tenant's Handbook (PDF, 640KB) to give general guidance for both existing and new tenants who hold a lease in respect of commercial premises owned by Milton Keynes Council.

The handbook has been designed to help answer questions that are most frequently asked by both new and existing tenants and to clarify the role and responsibilities of both the tenant and the Council as landlord.


Last Updated: 8 February 2021