Permission to film on Milton Keynes council land and adopted highway


Before you submit any requests to film on council owned land or adopted highways please can you read the guidance note on what information is required. For filming in the Highway we will need a minimum of 12 weeks notice to consult with our Highway's team, and 3 weeks for all other requests.

Milton Keynes Council is a Unitary Authority and owns land and properties across the borough. It also manages an extensive network of adopted highways which include roads, pedestrian footpaths and its famous Redways (bike/pedestrians paths).

Permission can be sought by companies and individuals to undertake filming on council owned land and adopted highways. This would not include a blanket permission to film on privately owned land, or public land in ownership by other parties such as MK Parks Trust, Homes England and the Town and Parish Councils.

Unfortunately the council does not offer a film location service however we are able to process requests to film on council owned land and adopted highways.

Before contacting us with your request please ensure you have reviewed the Film Location Guidance (PDF, 308KB) and that the land you want to film on is managed by the council (see below).

To check what’s privately owned or council owned please check the council’s 'Interactive Maps' before contacting us. (Maps are indicative only and include adopted highway layers.) We regret that we cannot provide you with details on private ownership of land but this is available from HM Land Registry where possible.

Filming Fees and Application Fees (non-refundable)

Small Production

  • Based on 1-5 crew members
  • Application fee of £30
  • Filming fee £150 per day

Medium Production

  • Based on 6-11 crew members
  • Application fee of £60
  • Filming fee £180 per day

Large Production

  • Based on 12-29 crew members
  • Application fee of £120
  • Filming fee £210 per day

Major Production

  • Based on 30+ crew members
  • Application fee of £150
  • Filming fee £500 per day

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Other information on fees

Film-makers which are part of school/college projects or affiliated with a charity can film without being subject to the standard fees and charges.

If the proposed activities are sufficiently complex, extensive or sensitive to necessitate the presence of a Milton Keynes Council representative, an admin fee will be required.


Filming in residential areas is problematic and this would need to be discussed further if proposed. Notice must also be given if there is a risk that filming might incorporate images of the public, particularly children. You are advised to also contact Thames Valley Police for all filming you do in Milton Keynes.

Filming on private property (eg the shopping centres in CMK or MK Parks Trust land), or when using buildings as a backdrop, the owner’s permission must be sought and all necessary arrangements made with them.

Milton Keynes Council does not have a private bill in place yet to allow a road to be closed or the traffic managed for the purpose of filming on the highway. Filming on the highway is permitted and can only be achieved if the road/pavement remains open to the public and, following consultation with our highways team, that the filming activities are suitable for that location. The Highway Team require a minimum of 12 weeks notice in order to be consulted on all filming in the adopted highway.

Established filming locations in Milton Keynes

Please see below for some established private filming locations in Milton Keynes:

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Last Updated: 22 June 2021