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We own and lease a number of commercial properties across the borough of Milton Keynes on competitive terms.  Types of properties vary but include shops, offices and industrial units and these vary in size and cost/rent.  Click on the address name for further details on each property:

Commercial Properties to Let List

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property you have in mind is not shown on the vacant list above then please assume that it is either not owned by us or is not available to rent at this time.  You can also leave us your details below and we can update you as new commercial 'properties to let' become available.  We collect and use information about you so that we can provide you with council services. If a property you have in mind is not shown on the vacant list above then please assume it is not available to let.

Please note that the Estates team do not 'let out' residential properties. Please refer to the Council's Housing webpages for information on renting Council owned house/flats.


Property To Let - Enquiry Form

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Looking for other/larger Commercial Properties to rent?  Invest MK has a Commercial Property Search that may help you with this.


Last Updated: 19 September 2021