Commercial Tenant's Handbook

A guide for tenants who lease commercial premises from Milton Keynes Council

Covid-19 – Information for commercial property tenants

This is a time of great anxiety for workers and businesses. Milton Keynes Council will do what we can to help our commercial tenants through this period.

We are offering a three month rent holiday (effective from 25 March or 1 April quarter day) for most commercial property tenants. This includes most businesses and our community sector organisations that rent commercial property from us. If you are struggling to pay your rent and would like to apply for the three month rent holiday please complete this form.  You will be expected to pay the rent that would be due during this time over a 12 month period once restrictions are lifted and you can recommence trading.

We would encourage businesses which continue to trade well over this period not to apply for the payment break holiday. It is important that businesses which can continue to pay their rent do so, as it helps to support the local economy and in turn the council can offer support to those businesses which are struggling. There is indeed both a moral, ethical and commercial imperative for landlords and tenants to work together to ensure the Milton Keynes business community is best placed for when the situation improves.

Tenants are also reminded that other support is available for businesses.  Please see the UK Government’s Business Support website and our Business Rates pages for further information on the support available to you.

The Council have produced a Commercial Tenant's Handbook (PDF, 640KB) to give general guidance for both existing and new tenants who hold a lease in respect of commercial premises owned by Milton Keynes Council.

The handbook has been designed to help answer questions that are most frequently asked by both new and existing tenants and to clarify the role and responsibilities of both the tenant and the Council as landlord.


Last Updated: 18 May 2020