Children with disabilities


The Children with Disability (CwD) team works with all children aged between 0-19.  However it is typical that the average age of a child we become first involved with is around the age of 4/5 years old.

We support families where:

  • the child has an EHCP and is likely to be dependent on services for life
  • has substantial and long lasting or permanent physical and/or learning disability
  • the child has a life limiting or life threatening condition
  • there is a significant impact of the caring role on  family’s life - including the impact on parents and siblings

In the early years all children, no matter their ability, have the same basic need to be loved and cared for, and are dependent on their parents and carers to have all their needs met.

As children grow and start nursery or school, their development can be very different from one another.  Sometimes by talking through your worries with staff at your children centre, nursery or school, you can get some ideas for strategies to help support your child. 

From around the age of five onwards the difference becomes more challenging for families to cope with and this could be the right time to ask us for support.

Children with Disabilities Database

The Children Act 2004 requires our service to keep a database register of children with disabilities to help with planning and monitoring services. Joining the register is voluntary, by joining, you will receive relevant information of activities, groups and any other useful information.

Please use this form to register your child's details on the Children with Disabilities Database in Milton Keynes.

How will the database be used?

All information held on the Children with Disabilities database will be treated in the strictest confidence and is protected in accordance with the data protection Act 2018.

Submitting this registration form confirms your consent for Milton Keynes Council to share the details on this form with Milton Keynes Council Children’s Disability Team.

Who are we?

The children with Disability (CwD) team are based in Civic office and cover the whole of Milton Keynes.  The team consist of a Team Manager, Deputy Team Manager and a mixture of qualified social workers and Social Work Assistants. We also have a permanent duty worker who is able to support and sign post parents.  

All Team members are safeguarding trained. The social worker typically carry out complex assessments and  statutory looked after child/court work. The social work assistants will carry out less complex assessment when we have established that families would like a Direct Payment in order to support them in their caring role to look after their child. They also typically carry out  direct work with families. All team member carry out the re reviewing of the Child in Need (CIN) plans and looking if the care package is still fulfilling the child and family needs.

The CwD team acknowledge that not everyone wants a  worker in their lives.  There are a number of case files that are open because there are no worries and families are receiving support around short breaks only and so they do not always have a great deal of contact with their worker.  Then there are other families who need a greater level of support and so would have more contact with a member from the team.  This level of support is discussed with yourself and the duty line is always open for families to contact to discuss any other worries they may have. 

What the team can help with

As well as the statutory safeguarding and court work mentioned above, CwD workers can organise short breaks either by Direct payment or commissioned service, support parents in appointments or in meetings, put together support packages that are tailored to the family needs.  Support families to put together routines for children in the house. Signpost to other service to fulfil family needs such as form filling, benefit advice and housing issues. Support families to speak to school/health professionals when families they would benefit from that support

We work in partnership with children, young people, families and other agencies like health professionals, such consultants OT’s, dieticians and complex care nurses as well as respite centres, schools and voluntary services such as Barnado’s, MK Carers and Forever Colours.

We will try and help as much as possible but sometimes it might not be possible

The children with disabilities team will always try to help as much as possible but sometimes it might not be possible. Where this is the case we aim to be able to signpost you in the direction for further support.

The CwD team cannot help with:

  • finding a house
  • adaptations to property
  • providing child care so that you can go to work
  • giving advice on benefits or legal matters
  • make decisions on school/health matters

or overturn any decision that heave been made.

How long would you stay open to the team?

There is no time limit on how long the CwD team work with a family and we will always close by agreement with yourselves and other professionals involved with your family. Once your child become 18 and not in school this will mean that adult social are will become involved. If your young person is in remains in special school, after their 18th birthday,  then we will handover to adults at the end of the term of their 19th birthday.

When would your child close to CwD?

When the young person reaches the age of 16+ CwD will begin to speak to adult social care to alert them of the young people we are working with and the possibility that parents could be seeking support into their adult years.  During the last year of school CwD will work alongside adult workers to help with the assessments that are being carried to plan for the future.

Seeking advice about direct payments

We work closely with Connections support to ensure that if you are granted a direct payment choose to employ a PA that you can supported with the process of doing this. Connection support have pulled together some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about direct payments. Should you choose to employ a PA, Connections support have produced this document to guide you. Head over to our Connection support page for more information about direct payments.

Transition to adults

If you are already receiving support from us, we will talk to you and your young person about moving on to adult services and, if everyone is happy, will begin the process of referring the young person to adults social care 

We review all young people with an EHCP who do not already have an allocated worker when they are in Year 9.  This is to assess if the young person will be eligible for an assessment of needs from Adult Social Care Services in order to support a smooth transition from child to adulthood. 

Parents will meet with professionals working with your child to discuss any difficulties and how they affect them - sometimes your child's school will ask that a member of our team attend this meeting - it is your choice if they do or do not.

Making a referral

Referrals can be made by:

  • parents
  • carers
  • professionals

When making a referral, you need to call us on 01908 253617. We are open:

  • Monday to Thursday, 9.30am to 5pm
  • Friday, 9:30 to 4.30pm

You will be asked some questions to see whether the child is likely to qualify for support.  We will then decide whether to carry out an assessment. 

We will also give you some useful contact information to organisations you may find helpful, such as Carers MK and CAMHS.

Long term care

Sometimes the needs of a disabled child and their family are so complex, it is decided that the disabled child should be looked after by the council to make sure that everyone involved stays safe. The child or young person could be looked after by:

  • other families in the community
  • our local residential provision
  • a specialised provision outside Milton Keynes
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