Early years funding


Disability Access Funding (DAF)

DAF is for early years providers to support children with disabilities or special educational needs. The funding can only be applied for by early years providers and is a payment of £615 once per financial year - it is the responsibility of the provider to identify eligible children and discuss the application with parents.

From April 1 2022 the payment will increase to £800 per financial year.  

Early years providers can only apply for DAF if the child:

  • is aged between three and four years old - applications are allowed in the term after the child's third birthday
  • is in receipt of child Disability Living Allowance (DLA) 
  • accesses the funded entitlement at the early years provider

Read our detailed funding guidance.  

Please note that four year olds in primary and infant school reception classes are NOT eligible for disability access funding.

Once funding for the year is paid, it will not be reclaimed, even if the child leaves the setting.  Any new setting will not be able to receive any DAF payments until the following financial year. 

DAF can be used by a provider to:

  • make reasonable adjustments to accommodate the specified child
  • buy specialist equipment for the specified child
  • seek specialised training to support the specified child’s individual needs

Apply for DAF

To apply for DAF, early years providers should log onto the Provider Portal, go to the section entitled Disability Access Funding and attach a completed application form.


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