Meeting new people


We are all different - how we look, how we talk and how we feel. It is important that other people try to see past those differences to see the real you.

Sometimes it can be difficult to meet new people - to help people get to know a bit more about you and what you find difficult, you could share a one page profile with someone so they can understand you a bit better. This can include:

  • things you like - foods, music, sensory
  • things you don't like - being told no, changes of plans, loud noises
  • how to support you when feeling distressed - give me space, give me a cuddle, give me ear defenders

A trusted adult could help you make one, or if you'd like further information about this, contact us.  

You could also ask people to watch our video resources to find out more about what it is like to have a special educational need or disability.

You also might want to bring your toolkit that you use when you are feeling anxious or angry with you that.  This could be:

  • fidget toys
  • ipod or music
  • a pillow
  • a weighted blanket
  • ear defenders
  • sensory play doh
  • essential oils

You could also ask for some photos to look at before you go of the people you might see and what the new place looks like - or you could look on their website or Facebook site.

If you are feeling unhappy and want support or to talk to someone please speak to a trusted adult or call CAMHS on 01908 724544.


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