English as an Additional Language Resources (EAL)

This page provides a wide range of EAL resources. It includes downloadable materials, links to other websites and contact details for suppliers.

Glossary Books from Oldbrook First School

Word Book Cover Note (DOC, 29KB)
Blank Pages for Glossary Book (DOC, 132KB)
Urdu/Hindi Front cover (DOC, 90KB)
Hindi/Urdu Phrases (DOC, 131KB)
Marathi Front Cover (DOC, 158KB)
Marathi Phrases (DOC, 147KB)
Punjabi Front Cover (DOC, 103KB)
Punjabi Phrases (DOC, 130KB)
Somali Front Cover (DOC, 77KB)
Somali Phrases (DOC, 132KB)
Tamil Front Cover (DOC, 70KB)
Tamil Phrases (DOC, 101KB)

Language Grids

Arabic language tables (DOC, 28KB)
Chinese language tables (DOC, 28KB)
Farsi language tables (DOC, 28KB)
Gujarati language tables (DOC, 28KB)
Punjabi language tables (DOC, 42KB)
Somali language tables (DOC, 28KB)

Chinese-English Language Grids

The following are grids that translate Chinese characters into English.
The Body (PDF, 90KB)
Feelings (PDF, 64KB)
Festivals (PDF, 67KB)
Greetings (PDF, 55KB)
The Months (PDF, 69KB)
Numbers (PDF, 80KB)
Pronunciation (PDF, 236KB)
The Seasons (PDF, 55KB)
The Weather (PDF, 70KB)
The Weeks (PDF, 58KB)

EAL Links


Last Updated: 17 April 2020