Are you experiencing low mood, anxiety and/or sleep difficulties? Did you know that around a quarter of British adults will experience a diagnosable mental health problem in any one year? Symptoms experienced can include feelings of hopelessness, guilt, irritability, panic, loss of self-confidence and a lack of interest in life. According to numerous research studies learning and education can have a positive effect on wellbeing.
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Supporting Mental Health in a Learning Environment

Smile:)MK – Supporting Mental Health in a Learning Environment

Smile:)MK is a programme of free courses delivered by Adult Education (part of Community Learning MK) aimed at supporting adults aged 19+ who may be dealing with low mood, anxiety and/or sleep difficulties.

Learning enhances and empowers, providing us with knowledge and insight that can be truly life changing.  Smile:)MK courses cover a wide range of topics and activities all geared towards developing new, healthier habits and strategies for dealing with the challenges life occasionally throws at us.

IMPORTANT: Smile:)MK courses are not a replacement for clinical treatments or therapies.

They may not be appropriate if you (or someone you are referring) have been given a trauma‐related diagnosis (such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) or a different mental health diagnosis. Please speak to your doctor or a trained mental health professional before joining any of these courses and if necessary, ask to speak to the tutor before registering.

Some courses are more practical, such as arts and crafts, while others focus in particular on improving personal relationships, confidence and recognising and overcoming stress triggers. Courses last for 1-10 weeks with sessions lasting between one and two hours.

Some of the classes we currently have on offer are:

Click on the course name for more information or, to see what courses are coming up, download our current course booklet (PDF, 398KB).

You may only attend each SmileMK course for free once per academic year regardless of your concession situation. You may re-enrol for the art classes by paying a fee if you wish.

To find out more about the project, and other courses on offer please contact the Adult Education team at Community Learning MK email us.

You can enrol on these courses online but if you are referring a client/patient please contact us first to request a referral form.

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Last Updated: 22 March 2022