Supported Employment MK

At Supported Employment MK our key priorities are:

  • To ensure more people with a learning disability have the opportunity to work
  • To promote the benefits of supported employment with local employers
  • To support  Milton Keynes Council to employ more people with a learning disability
  • To ensure people with a learning disability are given the support necessary to find sustainable and meaningful employment

Once a referral has been made the SE:MK process is…

  • Initial Assessment - One to one meeting to discuss personal details, likes and dislikes and job aspirations
  • Training Needs Assessment - Mini work related tasks to see skill levels and training needs including vocational profiling
  • Application Stage - One to One support spent applying for jobs and preparing for work. During this time you could complete work experience
  • Employment Gained - We will support your induction and first few shifts to help you learn the job and travel train you if required
  • Independent Employment - We will fade our support once you are suitably trained and potentially offer further support if needed in the future

Supported Employment MK also manages: 

  • Café Civic, based in MK Civic Offices this small café staffed by people with a learning disability provides drinks, snacks and fresh, healthy food to the MKC workforce
  • A training kitchen based in Neath Hill which is used to train kitchen staff with learning disabilities and provides catering for all MKC corporate events
  • Independent Travel Training in Milton Keynes
  • A variety of employability courses and Supported Internships 


If you are a parent or carer of someone with learning disabilities or you have learning disabilities yourself you can contact the Adult Social Care Hub for more information.

Last Updated: 7 September 2021