Affordable Things to Do

This was the second biggest issue voted for by young people in MK in the Youth Issues ballot in February 2019.  Members of YCAB have looked at the comments that have been made and are starting to work on a few ideas.

  1. Researching places that young people can go and will make the information available.
  2. Have started a questionnaire to find out what young people think about things to do in MK.  From this YCAB will work on a main project.
  3. Are organising an event to coincide with MKYCAB’s 10th Birthday
  4. YCAB will try to work with local businesses to get more discounts for young people with an All In 1 Card 

Check back on this page for places to go and information about the 10 year Party!

Last Updated: 1 August 2019