Feeling Safe in MK

The biggest issue for Young People in Milton Keynes, as voted for by young people in the Youth Issues Ballot in 2019.  A group of YCAB members have started working on this issue and have come up with a few things they are currently working on as part of a campaign.

  1. Organising a creative arts competition to get people talking about the issues of feeling safe
  2. Organised for workshops and a performance on the issue of Knife Crime at the MySayMK Conference and had a Q&A with MK Councillors.
  3. Will put a social media campaign on knife crime
  4. Are working with Thames Valley Police and Safer:MK to look at the issues of safety
  5. Looking at working with the MK Hazzard Safety Centre 

Check back on this page for progress on the project and how you can get involved.

Last Updated: 1 August 2019