Affordable Things to Do

Campaigns 2021-2022

In light of the pandemic, and the massive impact on young people's mental health, YCAB members are focussing on this campaign again, hoping to build on the work of the 2017-2019 action group. Currently, the group is working in conjunction with Milton Keynes Council to deliver mental health first aid workshops as part of the "Summer of Play." 

Looking for a Summer Challenge?

Look no further, you can take part in the YCAB Summer Challenge. We have created a 10 part challenge to give you something interesting to do over the Summer and complete in your own time. This PDF contains 10 different activities (PDF, 467KB) that will test your creative limits and entertain you; from photography to comedy these activities will keep you and your friends busy.  We would love to hear from you if you complete any of these activities so feel free to tag us on our social media, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.   

This was the second biggest issue voted for by young people in MK in the Youth Issues ballot in February 2019.  Members of YCAB have been working on a few things, including running a cheap cinema showing in Oct 2019, campaigning for a young peoples’ space in the centre and researching places to go.  They are also working on the All In 1 Card to get more offers.

Summer Activities

In summer 2020 we released entertaining video activities so that you can have fun whilst learning something new. Over the 6 weeks of holidays we released a different activity each week, on our Facebook and Instagram. Have a look at the videos on YouTube.

Affordable Activities online

Here is a list of some fun and mostly completely free activities for you to do and some amazing and useful skills you could gain! There are also several ways to entertain yourself for no price at all. This affordable things to do activities list has activities ranging from learning a new language to learning how to code, to doing yoga, so much variety that YOU can choose from. It’s perfect for trying things you’ve never done before. Download the list of activities here. (PDF, 913KB) Let us know on social media if you try any of them out!

Affordable Places To Go

The links below are places in Milton Keynes which are affordable for young people. Other activities exist; let us know if you have any recommendations. (Please note we have not been paid to endorse these websites)

Leisure and Sports

Illustration of people doing summer activities

This relates to both outdoor and indoor leisure activities for young people.

Photo of the Xscape building in MK


This relates to entertainment venues in Milton Keynes.

Parks Trust

Most parks in Milton Keynes are free. Going on a wakeboard, kayaking and canoeing, birdwatching are some examples of outdoors activities that you can do in Milton Keynes.


Doodling illustration of musical items

The Milton Keynes Music Faculty website has got lots of information about music in Milton Keynes.

Organised youth groups

There are many youth organisations in Milton Keynes such as:

Graphic showing the concept of mental illness

Mental Health

This is a big issue for young people which might stop them from taking part in activities. There are lots of organisations offering advice, support and information for young people on mental health.



Last Updated: 16 November 2021