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Campaigns 2021-2022

In light of the pandemic, and the massive impact on young people's mental health, YCAB members are focussing on this campaign again, hoping to build on the work of the 2017-2019 action group. Currently, the group is working in conjunction with Milton Keynes Council to deliver mental health first aid workshops as part of the "Summer of Play." 

Campaigns 2019-2021

These campaigns have now ended.

Feeling safe in MK competition and eBook

Feeling safe in MK eBook cover
Feeling Safe in MK eBook

Thank you to all the young people who entered the Feeling Safe Competition just prior to COVID-19 restrictions in March 2020. The judges did meet and had lots of interesting conversations about the work that was received. Conversations about perception and feelings about safety really came through. After some difficult decisions they made decisions on who should win the prizes, but they felt along with YCAB that all the work should be showcased.  We were hoping to showcase the work at an online event. However, COVID-19 restrictions have made that impossible but MKYCAB are please to present the eBook.

Please ‘flick through’ the pages and take a look at the work submitted to see what young people think about the issues surrounding ‘Feeling Safe In MK’.

What else were we working on?

In 2020 The Feeling Safe Action Group launched a competition to find out what young people thought about the issues of safety in MK. They wanted you to come up with a creative piece that told adults what you think of the issue. This could be a painting, song, play to illustrate their thoughts. Both primary and secondary aged students entered and their creative pieces were entered in the Feeling Safe in MK Competition and judged by local dignitaries.

What else were they working on?

Photo of youngsters on a zebra crossing during a trip to Hazard Alley in MK
  • organising a creative arts competition to get people talking about the issues of feeling safe
  • running personal safety workshops with the help of Thames Valley Police
  • organising trips to Hazard Alley safety centre

What have they done so far?

  • spoken to young people in secondary schools in MK about bicycle safety and given out over 100 free bicycle safety packs
  • organised for workshops and a performance on the issue of Knife Crime at the MySayMK Conference and had a Q&A with MK Councillors
  • have created a social media campaign on knife crime

Check back on this page for progress on the project and how you can get involved.


Last Updated: 3 September 2021