Homelessness Campaign

Our current project for 2021 - 22 is to raise awareness about homelessness in Milton Keynes by making a piece digital media to make more people aware of the issues of homelessness.

Leading up to this we decision met with 5 organisations including: The YMCA, MK Bus Shelter, MK Food Bank, MK Hygiene Bank, De Paul who support those in need.  From what we learnt we decided on making Instagram posts about how to help homeless people which will be shared later this year. In addition to this we are going to work with a designer/artist to create a digital media art piece about homelessness that we can put up around MK in order to raise the awareness of this issue.

We hope that this work will help others to support those in need and to help yourself if you might be heading or are already in that situation.

Designer/Artist Brief

If you are an artist or designer and are interested in being part of our campaign, please find the artist/designer brief here.

Last Updated: 11 November 2021