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How to Survive Life - useful websites 

The sections below include areas of life skills which are recognised by the British Youth Council. The lists of websites are just a starting point for you; we are not saying that these will be the most helpful or the best resources as we are not responsible for the content of these websites.



This is about the key laws, systems, customs and cultures that function within the UK. Citizenship also concerns national values and traditions, and citizenship education should meet the requirements of the UK citizenship education test. 

Political education

Political education

This is about the UK political system, which includes topics such as the roles of local and national authorities, how elections work, the parliamentary system, and the structure and role of the government.

community cohesion

Community cohesion & cultural awareness

This concerns living in a multicultural society: learning about and how to respect those with other cultures, religions, views or lifestyles.

future and higher education

Further and higher education

This provides information to help you make an informed decision concerning what to do post-16. This includes choices concerning sixth form subjects, apprenticeships, work, gap years and universities.

Finance skills

Finance skills

Key things that you need to know about managing your money sensibly, including credit and debit cards, banking, loans, grants, budgeting and saving up, as well as tips to save.

Finance skills

Sustainable living

This concerns living in a way that minimises damage to the environment by reducing wastage of limited natural resources.

practical life skills

Practical life skills

This is about different aspects of running a household and living independently, which includes skills such as cooking, sewing and childcare. 

Sex and relationship education

Key things about looking after your sexual health and creating positive relationships.




Last Updated: 3 September 2021