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Campaigns 2021-2022

In light of the pandemic, and the massive impact on young people's mental health, YCAB members are focussing on this campaign again, hoping to build on the work of the 2017-2019 action group. Currently, the group is working in conjunction with Milton Keynes Council to deliver mental health first aid workshops as part of the "Summer of Play."

Campaigns 2017- 2019

Mental Health and Me: Milton Keynes

This campaign group has now ended.

Front cover of the Mental Health & Me: MK brochure

During YCAB’s February 2017 Youth Issues Ballot Paper, Mental Health was voted as the second most important issue for young people in MK. Because of this, we wanted to create a campaign that engaged young people and got them thinking and talking about Mental Health, so we created this competition.

The Mental Health and Me:MK creative competition brochure (PDF, 44.1MB) is a collection of shortlisted entries and winners. Young people in MK were inspired to create pieces of artwork based upon their thoughts and feelings about mental health after watching YCAB's film - Mental Health and Me. The diverse range of entries range from poems, drawings and impressive sculptures.

Mental Health & Me:MK short films were produced by MK YCAB (Secondary and Primary films) in which young people from Milton Keynes discussed openly their personal thoughts and feelings about mental health, and how they had been affected. The video was also used as part of the Mental Health and Me:MK creative competition. It was shared with key stages 1-5 in schools across the city to get young people talking, and to try and reduce the stigma surrounding the issue.

Mental Health & Me: Milton Keynes' Secondary Schools


Mental Health & Me: Milton Keynes' Primary Schools 


Mental health advice and information for Young people

There are lots of organisations out there offering advice, support and information for young people on mental health:

Video screen shot from Mental Health and Me video
Watch the video

The Milton Keynes Public Health team are running a campaign See the Signs Save a life supporting people of any age who maybe having suicidal thoughts.


Last Updated: 3 September 2021