Community Learning MK Policies

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Important Information

Terms and Conditions of Course Booking (PDF, 88KB)

Privacy Notice - How we use your personal information (PDF, 107KB)

Fees Policy (DOC, 549KB)


Acceptable Use of Internet and Computer Network Policy (PDF, 355KB)

Equality and Diversity (PDF, 264KB)

Health and Safety Policy (PDF, 293KB)

Information & Advice Policy (DOC, 430KB)

Learner Disciplinary Policy and Procedure (PDF, 359KB)

Plagiarism Policy (PDF, 322KB)

Safeguarding Policy (DOC, 457KB)

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Policy (PDF, 287KB)

Support for Service Users (DOC, 437KB)


Access Arrangements Policy (PDF, 502KB)

Accreditation and Assessment Malpractice Policy (PDF, 206KB)

Accredited Qualification Registration Procedure (PDF, 328KB)

Controlled Assessment Policy (PDF, 344KB)

Disability Policy (PDF, 510KB)

Emergency Evacuation Policy (PDF, 342KB)

Exam Contingency Plan (PDF, 419KB)

Exams Archiving Policy (PDF, 265KB)

Exams Policy (PDF, 757KB)

Private Candidates Policy (PDF, 291KB)

Special Consideration Policy (PDF, 367KB)

Word Processor Policy (PDF, 319KB)

Tutors and Staff

Disclosure & Barring Policy (PDF, 156KB)

Internal Quality Assurance Policy (PDF, 336KB)

Observation of Teaching and Learning Policy (PDF, 343KB)

Workforce Development and Training Policy (DOCX, 402KB)


Communications and Promotions Policy (DOC, 423KB)

Disclosure & Barring Policy (PDF, 156KB)

Retention of Documents Policy (PDF, 267KB)

Sub-Contracting Policy (DOC, 2.3MB)

Banking Policy (DOC, 439KB)

Sustainable Development Policy (DOC, 34KB)

Supply Chain Fees and Charges Policy 17-18 (PDF, 250KB)

Actual End of 16-17 Year Supply Chain Funding (PDF, 66KB)

Working with Partners Family Learning (DOC, 418KB)


Last Updated: 17 January 2019