Community Learning Venues

Current Community Learning Venues 

This is a list of the venues we are currently using for our Community Learning courses.

Click on the name of the venue to view a map of its location.

Rivers Centre, Trent Road, Bletchley, MK3 7BB (parking located at MK3 7PH)

CMK Centre, 555 Silbury Boulevard, Central Milton Keynes, MK9 3HL (use the door to the left of the main library entrance)

Kingston Library, Winchester Circle, Kingston, MK10 0BA

Stantonbury Campus, Stantonbury, MK14 6BN

MK Academy, Fulwoods Drive, Leadenhall, MK6 5LA

Milton Keynes Arts Centre, Parklands, Great Linford, MK14 5DZ

Stony Stratford Library, Church Street, Stony Stratford, MK11 1BD

MK Gallery, 400 Midsummer Boulevard, MK9 3QA

Sir Herbert Leon Academy, Fern Grove, Bletchley, MK2 3HQ

Cycle Saviours, 8 Hollin Lane, Stacey Bushes, MK12 6HT

Moorlands Centre, Beanhill Local Centre, Dodkin, Beanhill, MK6 4LP

Rowans Children's Centre, 13a Moorfoot, Fullers Slade, MK11 2BD

Hedgerows Children's Centre, Langland Rd, Netherfield, Milton Keynes, MK6 4NP

The Church of Christ the Cornerstone, 300 Saxon Gate, Milton Keynes, MK9 2ES

For more information about any of our venues please call us on 01908 556700 or use our email.


Last Updated: 26 March 2018