Support for Gypsy, Roma and Travellers (GRT)

These web pages provide opportunities to learn about the history of different Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities, legislation and the role of the EMA Network team in supporting schools and the community.
Green Line

What we do

The aim of GRT pupil support is to:

  • promote access to education for Gypsy, Roma and Traveller pupils (GRT) residing permanently or temporarily in Milton Keynes
  • provide support to schools and families to
  • enable GRT pupils to attain their full potential
  • promote awareness of this minority group

Scope of Service

The term GRT used within this provision incorporates

  • housed, sited and mobile Gypsies
  • Travellers
  • Irish Travellers (holding ethnic minority status)
  • Roma
  • Fairground, and Circus families
  • Barge families (living on waterways)
  • New Travellers

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Working with Schools: Partnership

The EMA Network works in partnership with schools to identify the needs of GRT pupils and offer support related to the following areas:

  • Highly mobile pupils who typically attend a number of schools for short periods due to movement
  • Fairground or Circus pupils
  • Families initially residing in the authority
  • Pupils residing in the area with little or no previous school experience due to movement
  • Pupils approaching or experiencing cross-phase transfer
  • Pupils under-achieving in relation to their peers due to previous gaps in education
  • Attendance issues
  • A reflective and inclusive curriculum

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Working with Schools: Access

Access to education for roadside GRT is facilitated through:

  • Offering admission to local school
  • Maintaining close liaison between family and school

Working with Schools: Pupil Support

Pupils are supported within school by the EMA Network through:

  • Advisory support to ensure GRT culture is positively reflected within the school
  • Termly review of each pupil's attainment and attendance by the school's GRT coordinator.

Working with Schools: Promoting Understanding

EMA Network - promotes understanding and awareness of Traveller history and culture to all school pupils by:

  • Introducing GRT lifestyle to pupils through fiction and non-fiction literature available in the EMA Resource Centre.

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Working with Schools: EMA Role

EMA Network will:

  • Encourage school admission for GRT new to Milton Keynes
  • Respond to a referral from a parent, school or another agency to begin the initial admission process
  • Offer support during the initial stages of admitting and integrating GRT pupils to school
  • Provide resources to help promote GRT culture across the curriculum and, if required, advise on differentiation
  • Provide support to GRT families to promote home/school relationships
  • Contribute to inter-divisional and multi-agency working groups
  • Work in partnership with school and family to encourage regular attendance
  • Ensure the school is informed of any alteration to provision

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Working with Schools: School Role

The school will:

  • Contact EMA Network if a timetable change or pupil absence is known
  • Provide attendance figures each term
  • Enable EMA Network to work with identified pupils as arranged
  • Make use of resources offered by the EMA Network
  • Promote whole school awareness of GRT history and culture by accessing EMA Network class teaching sessions

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Last Updated: 27 March 2020