Profiles of current governors

Jinmi Macaulay - Milton Keynes Council Governor

I know that this might sound cliche, but I became a school governor because I want to make a difference.

Not knowing how or where to start my journey of becoming a school governor, I went on the internet and found the One Stop Shop for School Governors. After reading the experience of an undergraduate governor, I knew that it was something I wanted to do.

My school has recently gone through challenging times. It has required a 'hands-on' governing body to support the headteacher and her senior leadership team as they steered the school out of stormy waters.

Not too long ago, the headteacher and I walked through the school observing pupils as they were taught in class. The pupils appeared to enjoy being taught by teachers who genuinely cared about their future. Even the physical environment of the school has changed - I would liken the change to a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.

Nothing beats the feeling of seeing such a totally changed school!

Sue Marshall Vice Chair Milton Keynes Council Governor

I initially made the decision to become a governor when I moved to Milton Keynes from Surrey so that I could get to know people in my local community. As luck would have it there was a new school being built within a stones throw from my house and this turned out to be the start of an amazing adventure into a world that I had only really seen as a parent before.

Very quickly I came to realise how important the governor’s role was within the school and how children and their safety, happiness and well-being are the priority of the headteacher, the staff and the governing body.

The amazing amount of satisfaction you get from seeing children from all walks of life achieve their dreams and grow in confidence in front of your eyes is worth all the hours of effort and hard work that go into running a school – not always visible to the ‘outside world’.

There are highs and lows but the highs definitely outweigh the lows – and there is an excellent support service for governors within Milton Keynes Council.

My personal advice to any new governor would be to take time to be part of your school and get to know what makes it work – the children’s achievements are your reward.

Last Updated: 4 May 2020