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Governor Courses

Contact details for GovernorHub training queries:

Christine Strudley  - Business Support Assistant 01908 252835 

Penny Giraudeau  – Leadership and Governance Development Manager 01908 253787  

Chairs & Vice Chairs of Governing Boards meeting with senior officers & the Lead Member

Autumn Term 2017

Joining or forming a MAT (course code T045)
13 November 2017

Safer Recruitment (course code T033)
14 November 2017

Using the new Competency Framework for Governance (course code T043)
22 November 2017

Working at a strategic level in accordance with the Nolan Principles (course code T046)
23 November 2017

Understanding ASP (RAISE replacement) (secondary) (course code T048)
28 November 2017

Understanding ASP (RAISE replacement) (primary) (course code T049)
29 November 2017


Spring Term 2018

Safer Recruitment (course code T050)
9 January 2018

Using self-evaluation to improve outcomes (course code T086)
11 January 2018

Governance in the 21st Century - governorship for newly appointed and re-appointed governors (course code T083)
16 January 2018

Development Governors' Seminar (course code T085)
22 January 2018

Understanding ASP (RAISE replacement) (primary) (course code T087)
23 January 2018

Safeguarding - the governor's role (course code T084)
25 January 2018

Advanced schools finance - maintained (course code T080)
1 February 2018

Advanced academy finance (course code T081)
8 February 2018

School Exclusions (course code T089)
21 February 2018

Safer Recruitment (course code T051)
27 February 2018

Having difficult conversations (T088)
6 March 2018

Safer Recruitment (course code T052)
22 March 2018


Governor courses Cancellation Policy Oct 2016 (PDF, 92KB)

You may wish to complete the Governor training report Oct 2016 (PDF, 81KB)as a means of reporting back to your governing body about the training you have undertaken. You can access to the following documents for some ideas to customised wgb body training Oct 2016 (PDF, 155KB)

Data Protection

A computer system is used to manage bookings.

Protocols and procedures are in accordance with Milton Keynes Council’s Data Protection Policy.

Equal Opportunities and Disability

We endeavour to make all services available to all governors.

We operate within the policies laid down by Milton Keynes Council.


We try to ensure that training meets the needs of governors. New ideas and suggestions for improvement are welcome. Please forward your views to the Leadership and Governance Services team.

Help and Enquiries

If you need any assistance, do not hesitate to contact a member of the Leadership and Governance Services. Our direct lines are:

Christine Strudley (Business Support Assistant - Governors)

Tel: 01908 252835

Amy Morris (Business Support Assistant - Governors)

Tel: 01908 253903

Penny Giraudeau (Leadership and Governance Manager)

Tel: 01908 253787




Last Updated: 16 November 2017