Music Centre Forms

We have an online application form below or please click the links below to download the relevant form.

Download the Ensemble Application form (PDF, 352KB) or apply online with the Online Application Form.

Please note: if you are changing music groups/ensembles, please email this change to the  Music Faculty -  this will ensure you are invoiced the correct charges.
If you know which group you would like to join please compete an application form but note that you will be invoiced. If you are not sure please complete the Music Faculty contact form and somebody will contact you.

Please note: Parents applying for assistance with fees will need to download the Concession form (PDF, 58KB) and forward it to the Music Faculty due to the need to enclose certain documents.

If you have any specific queries or if you are not sure which group you would like to join please complete the online enquiry form and somebody will contact you to discuss your options.

Help us to invoice you correctly

You must let us know before the end of THIS term if you want your child to stop being in an Ensemble/Group next term.

OTHERWISE you WILL be invoiced for next term too.

You can either do this in writing by email or by completing a stop notification on-line form.

This also applies to instruments on hire.  They must be returned by the end of THIS term or you will be invoiced for next term.

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Last Updated: 22 September 2021