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Evidence shows that children who read for pleasure are more likely to do well in school and to have better life chances. We would like to help with this.
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Benefits of Reading for Pleasure

  • Reading attainment and writing ability
  • Text comprehension and Grammar
  • Breadth of vocabulary
  • Positive reading attitudes
  • Greater self confidence as a reader
  • Pleasure in reading in later life
  • General knowledge
  • A better understanding of other cultures
  • Increased community participation
  • A greater insight into human nature and decision making

What we do:

  • Place reading for  pleasure and empowerment at the heart of all that we do
  • Encourage a reading culture in schools
  • Provide access to a constantly updated collection of over 110,000 resources
  • Inspire a love of reading through storytelling and book talks
  • Give professional advice on the latest publications for children

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Last Updated: 26 September 2021