Dyslexia documents

The documents below are all aimed at helping parents and professionals to better understand and help children and young people with dyslexia.

Dyslexia Policy 2016 (PDF, 519KB)

Dyslexia - Information for parents (PDF, 567KB)
Dyslexia Assessment Guidance (DOCX, 274KB)
Dyslexia - What pupils with dyslexia ask their teachers (DOCX, 138KB)
Dyslexia - General reading tips (DOCX, 23KB)
Dyslexia - General tips for comprehension (DOCX, 22KB)
Dyslexia - General tips for expression (DOCX, 21KB)
Dyslexia - General tips for improving spelling (DOCX, 23KB)
Dyslexia - Reading accuracy (DOCX, 78KB)
Dyslexia - Reading comprehension (DOCX, 24KB)
Dyslexia - Reading fluency (DOCX, 71KB)
Dyslexia - Spelling (DOCX, 198KB)

Last Updated: 10 August 2020