Autism Spectrum Condition

The following documents relate to Autism Spectrum Condition and the services available within MK.
  • What support is available to parents and professionals when there are concerns that a pre-school aged child may have Autistic Spectrum Disorder?
  • School-aged Social Communication Difficulties Service leaflet  - information for parents attending the SLT assessment.
  • What happens when a referral is made to health professionals for concerns that a school-aged child may have Autistic Spectrum Disorder ?
  • A guide to local and national resources  for parents who have children with Autism  (CNWL NHS).

Pre-school Autism diagnostic service

This is a multidisciplinary assessment service offered to children up to the age of 5 years.  The referral can be made by any health professional currently involved in your child’s care.  Here is a simplified pathway to show you how your concerns as a parent or professional can initiate a referral for a preschool assessment for autism.

Early Years Pathway for Autism (PDF, 63KB)

Early Years parent information leaflet
Early Years leaflet for parents


This leaflet gives basic information for parents on the assessment process for Autism with contact details.

Early Years Social Communication Difficulties leaflet for parents.

School aged  Autism diagnostic service

The Community Paediatric Service provides assessments for possible Autism for school-age children.  Click here to read more (DOCX, 72KB).

The link below shows a simplified flowchart of the assessment process for school-aged children.

School-aged pathway for the assessment of Autism (DOCX, 63KB)

School-aged ASD parent leaflet
Parent information


Please click here for parent information regarding the Social Communication Difficulties Service (PDF, 312KB).

Support for parents and carers - training courses

Milton Keynes has a range of training courses available to parents and carers of children and young people with Autism Spectrum Condition. These courses are held remotely via MS teams. To find out more, email

Hanen - "More than words" course (preschool)

The Speech & Language Therapy Service offer Hanen “More Than Words” parent programme for children up to the age of 5 years.  Staff from the child’s educational setting are welcome to attend these evening training sessions.  Please contact the SLT Service on 01908 725299 for more information.

Hanen "More than  Words" leaflet front cover
The Hanen "More than Words"
parent training course


Hanen "More than Words" leaflet (PDF, 355KB)

Understanding and supporting your child's Social Communication Difficulties (4-13 years)

This is a parent training programme that has been developed to support parent/carers of children and young people who present with social communication difficulties. Each session has a different focus with a range of professionals across Milton Keynes being involved. Parents/carers are able to self-refer. You can get full details in these documents:

The training is being redesigned to be online training.  There are no face-to-face sessions running at present.

Training for professionals

Please see the Early Years ASD Awareness Training on page 17 in the training brochure below:

The training is currently not available and online e-learning is being explored.

Useful information for parents and professionals

The following link contains useful information on local and national support groups, professional and parent training opportunities, SENDIAS support and website links.

Autism Spectrum national and local parent information
National and local resources


Autistic Spectrum Disorder - a guide to local and national resources (CNWL NHS) (PDF, 598KB)
Autism strategies booklet front cover
Autistic Spectrum Disorder
strategies booklet


Autistic Spectrum Disorder strategies booklet (PDF, 1.5MB)

Young people's autism diagnostic service

This diagnostic service is available to young people over the age of 16 years.  If you are concerned about possible autism, please see your GP who can discuss this with you and make a referral if appropriate.

An introduction to autism

This film by Amazing Things Happen aims to raise awareness among young non-autistic audiences, to stimulate understanding and tolerance in future generations.

It is intended to be viewed, discussed and shared widely by anyone but especially teachers and parents.

Last Updated: 15 February 2022