Policies and strategies

Strategies and policies to support children and young people with SEND in settings


Dyslexia Policy 2016 (PDF, 519KB)

Guidance on critical incidents - using your Educational Psychology Service

High Complex Needs panel terms of reference (PDF, 167KB)

Protocol for ensuring settings meet the Statutory Guidance for "supporting pupils at school with medical conditions" (PDF, 77KB)

Strategic High Needs Review

This paper proposes the scope and approach of a strategic review of high needs to support delivery of this work and outlines the key pressures which require particular attention. Building on the actions from the review, in September we will go live with the new Inclusion Support and Challenge forum. This forum will replace the weekly EHC/Inclusion panel and the termly top up panels. For more information please see: Strategic High Needs Review (PDF, 5.1MB).

SEND Strategy consultation

The high needs review throughout 2017/18 supported the understanding of Special Education Needs and Disability across Milton Keynes. We used the opportunity to renew our commitment to inclusion and identify priority areas for Milton Keynes SEND Strategy. We are beginning a consultation on the SEND Strategy and all partners are invited to make comments through the Local Offer.

We will also be organising a consultation event and will ensure feedback opportunities through a range of forums and meetings.

The consultation will close on the 31 December 2018

SEND Strategy consultation document (DOCX, 296KB)

Special provision fund allocations

The special provision fund allocations published on 4 March 2017 is to support local authorities to make capital investments in provision for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities. Councils can invest in new places and improvements to facilities for pupils with Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans in mainstream and special schools, nurseries, colleges and other provision.

Milton Keynes has been allocated an additional capital amount of £1,906,098 over three years to support the Strategic High Needs Review. This is divided equally over three years as outlined below:







This funding presents an opportunity to support some of the systemic changes needed to achieve a sustained SEN strategy in MK and supports priority aims of the High Needs Review:

  • To increase the number of children and young people who are successfully included in mainstream provision across Milton Keynes
  • Refocus specialist provision to ensure the most efficient use of resources for the children and young people with the highest level of need

Schools were invited to express an interest and these expressions have been analysed alongside school population, demand in places for special school places and the priorities of the High Needs Review The priorities balance the need to increase capacity within mainstream provision as well as ensuring sufficient specialist places alongside the school population growth in MK. All expressions of interest from schools were considered, feasibility studies are currently being undertaken. For more information please click on the link  or contact Caroline Marriott  via inclusionandinterventionteam@milton-keynes.gov.uk.

Special Provision Plan 2018 (XLSM, 124KB)

Last Updated: 5 October 2018