Educational Psychology Service Projects and Events

Our Educational Psychology Team lead and are involved in various projects and events. You can see examples of these projects and events below


Wellbeing for Education Return project

The Wellbeing for Education Return (WfER) Project is a national package of training and resources designed to support education staff in promoting the emotional wellbeing, resilience and mental health of children and young people, parents/carers, and teachers.

In Milton Keynes, the project has been led by the Educational Psychology Service in collaboration with colleagues across education, SEND, health and the charity sector. The project comprises the following:

  • Webinar training sessions for school staff on the topic of whole school resilience, and bereavement and loss.
  • Locally developed information summaries on the support and resources available on the following key topics: anxiety and staff wellbeing.
  • Webinar sessions on the topic of staff wellbeing.
  • A professional supervision offer for education staff.
  • A webinar session for parents on the topic of bereavement and loss during the pandemic.

The following provide more detailed information about the project in Milton Keynes, as well as link to useful national resources, and those developed as part of the project:

Wellbeing for Education Return project summary (PDF, 213KB)
A summary of the project so far, including our offer

Wellbeing for Education Return Project overview (PDF, 129KB)
A visual overview of the 2 phases within the project including the offer and key resources

Training Feedback Visual (PDF, 151KB)
A visual showing the feedback received from attendees of the three webinars offered over the two phases of our project

Wellbeing for education return webinar one notes - developing whole school resiliency (PDF, 1013KB)
Keynotes from the first webinar around whole shool resiliency, outlining key concepts discussed

Wellbeing for education return webinar two notes - bereavement and loss (PDF, 1.1MB)
Keynotes from the second webinar around bereavement and loss, outlining key concepts discussed

Anxiety support for children and young people (PDF, 402KB)
A poster and information sheet outlining support for children and young people including local training, interventions, resources and further signposting.

Staff Wellbeing support (PDF, 277KB)
A poster and information sheet outlining support for staff wellbeing including local training, professional supervision offer and local and national resources.

Extra resources, websites and links focusing of staff wellbeing support (PDF, 152KB)

Public Health England - resources for school staff wellbeing (PDF, 203KB)
A list of resources to support staff wellbeing released by Public Health England

Public Health England’s online training: Psychological Fist Aid
An online course for those supporting children and young people affected by Covid-19. Those completing the training will be equipped to better identify those children that are in distress and provide support to help them feel safe, connected and able to take steps to help themselves during the pandemic or other crisis situations.

Language intervention project

LIPs story board (PDF, 368KB)

Language Intervention Programme

We Eat Elephants and Living Life to the Full anxiety project

WEE and LLTF story board (PDF, 276KB)


MK SEND Information Festival 2021

Our Senior Educational & Child Psychologist Yvonne Bancroft and Psychology Assistant Chelsea Markwell held a training session on February 4th 2021 for parents on helping children overcome loss.

The training was names ‘Pandemic Parenting: How to support your child overcome loss’ and offered:

  • space to reflect on parenting during a pandemic,
  • time to consider the losses (from hugs and beyond) felt by parents and our children,
  • and top tips to overcome losses - possibly finding some positive alternatives.

DECP Annual Conference 2019

DECP Annual Conference 2019 (PDF, 255KB)



Last Updated: 26 March 2021