Language Intervention Programme materials

The Language Intervention Programme and assessment materials are aimed at Foundation 2 (Reception) classes. They have been developed and evaluated by Milton Keynes Educational Psychology in conjunction with fourteen schools during 2017-18.

LIPs aims to enhance children’s verbal skills through a targeted group intervention based on the principles of scaffolding language.   It is designed to build children’s vocabulary by providing structured practice in speaking and listening.  LIPs is straight forward to run and fits into a busy timetable.  It is ideal for children in their early days in the reception year and includes an easy to administer screener for group selection and baselining.

In the evaluation, most children who participated showed significant improvements in their expressive vocabulary (on average over 12 months’ progress over an 8-week period). Groups included shy children and those with English as an additional language, as well as those with language delay. Feedback from teachers and teaching assistants running the intervention indicated they appreciated having a simple structured intervention to boost children’s language attainments.  They found the approach fitted in well with other learning activities in the classroom and was easy to organise.

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Language Intervention Programme


‘Each week the children were eager to participate and share what they remembered from previous sessions.  Most of the children who were involved in the group had limited English but now have a much bigger vocabulary that they are using daily. I am really pleased with the results and watching those children grow in confidence has helped my team to see how valuable this programme has been.’

Cost: £30 per set (which includes a manual and assessment materials)

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A training PowerPoint is available free to organisations purchasing 10 or more copies.

LIPs story board (PDF, 368KB)

Last Updated: 15 March 2021