We aim to provide a wide range of affordable vehicles to meet our customers' disability needs.

When you lease a car through Motability, all or part of your motability is paid directly to Motability Operations for the length of the agreement.

  • We direct and oversee the Motability Scheme, administered by Motability Operations, which includes the Car Scheme and the Powered Wheelchair and Scooter Scheme
  • We manage the Government’s Specialised Vehicles Fund, specifically to help people who need a heavily adapted car
  • We raise money for our own Charitable Grants Programme to provide additional financial help to those people whose allowance does not cover the cost of the mobility solution they need.


Organisation Details

Motability is a national organsiation that has been set up at the initiative of the government. Their objective is to help disabled people with personal mobility:

  • Direct and oversee the motability scheme
  • Manage the Government's specialised vehicles fund specifically to help people who need a heavily adapted car.

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