Haemophilia Society

We are the only UK wide charity for everyone affected by a bleeding disorder: a community of members, supporters and healthcare professionals.

The aim of the service is to enable patients with haemophilia and other bleeding disorders to live as normal a life as possible, ensuring optimum treatment with clotting factor to maintain a bleed free existence where possible, whilst maintaining good joint health and general health.


  • To ensure that all patients have access to specialist, comprehensive care.
  • To respond to the complexity and rarity of haemophilia and other bleeding disorders by establishing appropriate adult and paediatric multidisciplinary healthcare systems.
  • To deliver care in a way that aims to minimise the complications of haemophilia and other bleeding disorders including the management of pain, incapacity and physical disability
  • To ensure that the care of patients is as safe as possible, that it conforms to national clinical guidelines and is monitored by objective external clinical audit.
  • To be responsive to the lifelong medical, physical and psychosocial needs of patients with hereditary bleeding disorders and their families.
  • To ensure patients are involved in decisions about their treatment and engaged in service developments and improvements.
  • To provide an environment in which patients (and their parents/carers where appropriate) are able to make informed decisions about treatment and are enabled to become independent throughout their lifetime, thereby minimising disruption to education, work and social activities.
  • To promote the cost effective use of resources available to the service with special reference to clinical management of patients and the nature of service delivery.

Organisation Details

Our vision: Wellbeing for everyone with a bleeding disorder. 

Our mission: For all those affected by bleeding disorders, we will provide information and services, build community and mutual support, influence government health and welfare policies, including advocating for those impacted by contaminated blood, and involve people in making decisions about their own care.

Haemophilia Society

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