Woolstone Pre-school

We cater for all children between 2 and 4 years old, including those with additional needs.

Our activies are as follows:- Children make their own play dough in the morning and they can add colours and textures. Role play, small world, construction, cosy corner and a maths area aswell as cooking, painting, singing and dancing and free out door play. Alongside the activities that we have set out, the children have 2 free children's free choice units available, one marking making and the second is popular toys.  We have appropriate toys out for our 2 year olds.

Organisation Details

Woolstone Preschool is a charity run setting. We offer early years education for 2-4 year old children and we accept 2 year old funding. We provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment for your child to learn and develop new skills with a broad and balanced curriculum taking into account their individual levels of ability. We are an inclusive practice which works in partnership with the parents/carers and other agencies to ensure that every child's needs are met. We aim to be able to provide an environment where all children including those with special needs can fulfil their full potential. 

Woolstone Pre-school
Mill Lane
Milton Keynes
MK15 0AJ

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