Les Trois Chenes

Les Trois Chênes offers families with children that have difficulties like anxiety, ADSDs, ADHD, Mental health problems etc a relaxing place to holiday.

Being a family of 6, holidays are naturally a bit of a stressful time, choosing a family orientated place, organising travel, packing for an expedition... With one son who has Aspergers and a daughter with mental health issues finding a suitable holiday is not just stressful, it is an anxiety inducing nightmare! My son is now 15 and has learned to deal with a lot of issues connected to his ADSD, not wanting to use public toilets, not going in public pools etc but my daughter has difficulties with social boundaries and will not think twice of walking up to strangers and quizzing them about whether their parents are dead! For the most part people are nice, they assume that she is somewhat different and oblige though others are just horrible, telling her off for being rude (which induces anxiety), telling us off as parents for not disciplining enough etc.... Our last family camping holiday put me off commercial sites for life! So this is when we decided to have our own campsite here at Les Trois Chênes, a small, quiet, rural campsite with just 6 pitches exclusively for families in similar situations as our own, where you can holiday without prejudice and relax knowing that everyone understands.... There is a small playarea, tyre swings in the oaks, daily kids craft sessions included in the price, nature trails, and even an archeological site for them to have a dig around in! We believe a campsite like this requires a very personal touch which is why you will not find our site on any broker sites... We would like to tailor your package to you and your families needs which is why all enquiries should be made by message as an initial contact.

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Les Trois Chenes
Pay De La Loire, France

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